AdminTuning Dyno Day
Our primary dyno day travel locations are New York, Northern California and Southern California. We travel to these 3 locations almost every month for tuning days. In order to get tuned at one of these locations you must first put down a non-refundable deposit with the person in charge of setting up the dyno day for that location to get on the list. Without a deposit you will not get on the list and will not get tuned. No, you can not just show up that day and get tuned.

If you're interested in getting tuned at one of these locations you will need to reach out to our contacts via Instagram:

  • New York - @AdminNYCDyno - Juan (can also be reached at
  • SoCal - @Diazwerkz_Performance - Christian
  • NorCal - @Bree.An.Q50S - Bree
  • Atlanta & Miami - @Bree.An.Q50S - Bree
These contacts will be able to assist with collecting your deposit for that day, making sure that your car is set up and ready for the dyno, keeping everyone up to date on any changes, etc. This will be the person you keep in contact with up until the day of the tune, not AdminTuning. They will help resolve any issues, questions or concerns you may have. Please note that once your deposit has been made it is non refundable.

If you are wanting a dyno tune at our Houston location please send a text to our text only scheduling line at (713) 489-0279. Non Refundable deposits are required for these appointments.

What to do before tuning day
Please change your oil before getting your car tuned.

If your Nissan or Infiniti is turbocharged, supercharged, or uses nitrous, you will need to gap your spark plugs down to 0.020". This is a requirement for a smooth tuning session since increased cylinder pressure will cause misfires if the gap is left at factory settings.
For turbocharged cars using a boost controller with external wastegates, please connect the boost control solenoid using the following instructions:
Port 1: Leave this port vented to the atmosphere.
Port 2: Connect this port to the bottom port of the wastegate. If you have more than one wastegate, you must tee both wastegate lines together and connect them to port 2 of the solenoid.
Port 3: Connect this port to the intake manifold.
This only works for external wastegates. If you have internal wastegates, please let us know before your appointment and I will provide different material. If you are using a GReddy Profec boost controller, please let us know before your appointment and I will provide different instructions for that as well.

We do not recommend using Bosch injectors on the VHR but they will work fine for the HR and DE.
If you want to tune for E85 you will need to upgrade your injectors and your fuel pump. For N/A cars, we recommend using our Admin 650 injectors or ID1050X injectors and the AEM 340 fuel pump. When coming to the dyno to tune for E85, please remember to show up with less than a quarter tank of premium fuel and to bring 10 gallons of E85 with you in VP fuel jugs. You can drive the car after installing the pump and Admin 650 injectors but if you use 1050X injectors you will need to tow the car. If you already have an UpRev or Ecutek cable we can provide a basemap for you to be able to drive the car.

If you have short ram intakes we recommend putting your stock airboxes back on or getting long tube intakes. Short rams flow less air and aren't able to cool the air sufficiently before it reaches the throttle body. Stock air boxes are proven to make more power and be more consistent than short rams.

If you are needing any installs or work done on your car please make sure this is taken care of far enough in advance so that any issues that could arise can be taken care of before the tune day. If you need help finding someone to install parts for you please reach out to the dyno day contacts and they can help you find someone local. Do not show up the day of the tune expecting your parts to be installed there.

If you have to have your car towed to the dyno you must plan to do so early in the morning. Do not wait until the afternoon and show up late. If we have finished all other cars for the day we will not wait for you to show up.

Infiniti Q50 3.0T and Q60 3.0T owners MUST have their coolant bled at an Infiniti dealership with a lift pump before coming for a tune. Tuning the car without bleeding it will interrupt the tuning session and require you to have to reschedule and retune which will cost you more in the long run.

What to expect the day of:

The biggest thing to remember on the day of Infiniti & Nissan tuning is to show up with time and patience. There are a lot of cars that will be getting tuned that day and we have to allow enough time for each car to be done properly. Most locations are done on a first come first serve basis so if you show up and are 5th in line you will be waiting for the cars ahead of you to get finished which can take a few hours. You are allowed to bring folding chairs to sit on while you wait. We also recommend bringing drinks/snacks as well. Remember to dress appropriately for the weather as you will be waiting outside of the shop. Also, make sure to check your oil the morning of the tune so that if you need to top it off it can be done before we begin tuning.

Rules while waiting at the shop:

  1. Stay out of the shop! This area tends to be crowded and the dyno is dangerous. You are allowed to record as long as you stay out of the way.
  2. Pick up after yourself. Do not leave trash laying on the street or near the shop.
  3. You are only allowed to bring 1 person with you to the tune day. There are already enough people there, we don't need any large crowds or additional cars.
  4. Be respectful. Anyone who starts arguments or altercations of any sort will be told to leave and will not be refunded for their deposit/tune.
After the tune is complete:
We will pull you aside to discuss the results of your tune. If we discover any issues with the car while we are tuning it we will give you more details about what you should do to resolve those issues. You will be sent an email with your dyno graph and instructions on how to switch between maps.

Maps will be as follows:
  • NA on pump gas: Race, Flame, Eco, Antitheft.
  • NA on E85: Race, Flame, E85, E85+Flame.
  • Q50/Q60 3.0T: Low Boost, Medium Boost, High Boost, Burble.
  • GTR/Turbo/Supercharged/Nitrous cars map structures are dependent upon the combination and will be discussed at the time of tuning.

During hard driving or excessive flame map use, we recommend a 2500-3000 mile oil change interval. Flame maps can cause excessive oil dilution if used heavily without oil changes. This will cause internal engine damage if not cared for properly. We recommend using Rotella T6 5w40 because it keeps a more consistent oil temperature and is less volatile.
If you are having issues with your flame map: Make sure you are on Map 2. Accelerate the car up to a high RPM (6000+) and then release the throttle. As the RPMs are coming down, slowly roll your foot into the gas pedal. Remember that this is a technique to learn, it will not just produce flames on its own by you revving the car up. Practice it.

If you have any issues with the car after tuning please reach out to us via the email thread that was sent to you after tuning the car.