AdminTuning ECUTEK Remote Tuning Kit - 2023+ Nissan Z VR30 3.0T


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You will be required to agree to the AdminTuning remote tuning liability release at the time of your purchase. Please click here to review the terms of this release.

The new generation of Zs uses the venerable VR30DDTT platform which has proven itself in the 2016+ Infiniti products. We have refined our tuning strategy over the last several years of tuning these engines to make sure we have the absolute best package for tuning this exciting new platform. Typical horsepower gains range from 60-80whp on 93 octane alone when combined with minor bolt ons. Adding FlexFuel/Ethanol tuning will take your average stock 360whp Z to nearly 500whp with OEM turbos with our tuning package. 
Please watch the below video to see how remote tuning works: 

The following maps are included with our AdminTuning custom tune for the new Z. All of the below maps are included in the price of your purchase. Other maps can be substituted at the request of the customer if desired.

91/93 Octane:

Map 1: 91/93 Octane Low Boost/Wastegate Boost (7psi)
Map 2: 91/93 Octane Medium Boost (14psi)
Map 3: 91/93 Octane Max Boost (18psi)
Map 4: 91/93 Octane Max Boost (18psi) + burbles on deceleration

91/93 and E85 (FlexFuel kit is required):

Map 1: FlexFuel Low Boost/Wastegate Boost (7psi)
Map 2: FlexFuel Octane Medium Boost (14psi)
Map 3: FlexFuel Max Boost (18psi)
Map 4: FlexFuel Max Boost (18psi) + burbles on deceleration

Once purchased, reach out to us via text message on our scheduling line at (713) 489-0279 to get your remote tune scheduled.