What vehicles do we tune at AdminTuning?

We work specifically on Nissan and Infiniti. We can tune the 350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, M37, Q50, Q60, Q70 and GTR R32-R35.

If we did not list it, we do not tune it.

What is the best way to reach us?

This depends on what you are needing to contact us about.

For questions about scheduling your remote tune or dyno tune contact us via text message on our scheduling line at (713) 489-0279.

For questions regarding your current AdminTuning tune or for order inquiries, please reach out to us via email at moncef.faik@gmail.com.

The most important thing to remember is to only reach out to us via one method. DO NOT send emails, text messages, instagram messages about the same issue at the same time. This WILL NOT speed up our response time. We respond to emails and messages in order of oldest to newest so sending multiple emails and messages will only delay your response time.

Why is my order taking so long?

Please remember that we are a small business and there are only 2 of us. All of our AdminTuning products are made to order. We make sure that every product is made with the best quality and sometimes there can be issues with production time. We do not rush the process as we like our fabricator to be able to do his best work. If it has gone over the estimated production time listed under the product description please reach out to us via email or Instagram and we will be happy to help give you an estimate on when your order is expected to ship.

Do I need Ecutek or Uprev?

If your car is between the years 2003-2008 you will need UpRev.

If your car is 2009 or newer you will need EcuTek.

We use EcuTek on the newer cars to take advantage of more advanced progamming and flexibility.

Why won't my flame map work?

First, make sure you are on Map 2. Accelerate the car up to a high RPM (6000+) and then release the throttle. As the RPMs are coming down, slowly roll your foot into the gas pedal. Remember that this is a technique to learn, it will not just produce flames on its own by you revving the car up. Practice it.

How often should I change my oil?

During hard driving or excessive flame map use, we recommend a 2500-3000 mile oil change interval. Flame maps can cause excessive oil dilution if used heavily without oil changes. This will cause internal engine damage if not cared for properly. We recommend using Rotella T6 5w40.

What should I do to my car before getting a tune?

Please change your oil before getting your Infinity or Nissan tuned.

If your car is turbocharged, supercharged, or uses nitrous, you will need to gap your spark plugs down to 0.020". This is a requirement for a smooth tuning session since increased cylinder pressure will cause misfires if the gap is left at factory settings.
For turbocharged cars using a boost controller with external wastegates, please connect the boost control solenoid using the following instructions:
Port 1: Leave this port vented to the atmosphere.
Port 2: Connect this port to the bottom port of the wastegate. If you have more than one wastegate, you must tee both wastegate lines together and connect them to port 2 of the solenoid.
Port 3: Connect this port to the intake manifold.
This only works for external wastegates. If you have internal wastegates, please let us know before your appointment and I will provide different material. If you are using a GReddy Profec boost controller, please let us know before your appointment and I will provide different instructions for that as well.

We do not recommend using Bosch injectors on the VHR but they will work fine for the HR and DE.

Warning: 2007-2013 Nissan VQ engines are often plagued with worn oil gallery gaskets that will cause oil pressure loss at high RPM. In most cases, this is a non issue with tuning, but if the car is abused and maintenance is neglected, the chance of internal engine damage due to oil pressure loss is prevalent. If you are planning on driving your car with sustained high RPM and load, please consider the EPS Tuning oil gallery gasket. 2014+ engines are typically not plagued with this issue due to their updated design.


What maps will I get with my tune?

  • NA on pump gas: Race, Flame, Eco, Antitheft.
  • NA on E85: Race, Flame, E85, E85+Flame.
  • Q50/Q60 3.0T: Low Boost, Medium Boost, High Boost, Burble.
  • GTR/Turbo/Supercharged/Nitrous cars map structures are dependent upon the combination and will be discussed at the time of tuning.

How do I change maps?

Ecutek: Manual cars can change maps while driving. Automatic cars have to be stopped to change maps or they can use the app to change maps while driving.

Car can be running or key in on position.

Hold the CANCEL button until tachometer needle points to "1". Then adjust the cruise control switch up or down, and the tachometer needle will point to the map number selected (1-4).

UpRev: Both automatic and manual cars can change maps while driving.

Hold cruise control switch DOWN while tapping CANCEL the amount of times corresponding to the map number. You will see "SET" blink on the dash.

What do I need to do to use E85 on my NA car?

You will need to upgrade your injectors and your fuel pump. We recommend using our Admin 650 injectors or ID1050X injectors and the AEM 340 fuel pump. You will need to be nearly empty when switching between premium fuel and E85. If you have installed a flex fuel sensor you can refill at any time with either fuel. When coming to the dyno to tune for E85 please remember to show up with less than a quarter tank of premium fuel and bring 10 gallons of E85 with you in VP fuel jugs.

Why shouldn't I get my car tuned with short ram intakes?

Short rams flow less air and aren't able to cool the air sufficiently before it reaches the throttle body. Stock air boxes are proven to make more power and be more consistent than short rams.