AdminTuning ECUTEK Remote Tuning Kit - Nissan R35 GTR


Do you have an ECUTEK Cable ?

We are proud to announce our remote tuning package for the Nissan R35 GTR. One of the most capable performance platforms in the world, we have invested countless hours into having a solid tuning program for the GTR and its VR38 engine. We have tuned GTRs in all power ranges, from 600whp bolt-on cars to 1200whp+ monsters on 93 octane, E85, C85, and Methanol fuels, and apply several failsafes to our tuning strategy to ensure the safest performance operation possible, and have also proven our tuning strategies in 1/4 mile and 60-130 testing.

You will be required to agree to the AdminTuning remote tuning liability release at the time of your purchase. Please click here to review the terms of this release.

Please watch our YouTube video about how the remote tune process works. Consult the drop down menus for critical information about this service. Once purchased, reach out to us via text message on our scheduling line at (713) 489-0279 to get your remote tune scheduled.

  • Custom ECM & TCM tune for your modifications and application - customized for your car's entire combination of modifications and fuel choices.
  • Air/fuel ratio, fuel trim, oil pressure, overboost and knock protection failsafes.
  • Custom TCM mapping with more aggressive shift points and auto-shift in manual mode.
  • Custom launch control strategies with BOTL (boost off the line).
  • Multiple maps for performance, flames & crackles on deceleration, and valet mode available upon request.