AdminTuning ECUTEK Remote Tuning Kit - 2016-2022 Infiniti VR30 3.0T


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You will be required to agree to the AdminTuning remote tuning liability release at the time of your purchase. Please click here to review the terms of this release.

AdminTuning's ECUTEK Remote Tuning (e-Tuning) service allows your car to be tuned regardless of your location. This is a very efficient service that allows substantial horsepower gains without sacrificing reliability or driveability. Please review the drop down menus before purchasing. The Bluetooth programming kit allows you to not only flash your factory ECU and perform datalogging, but also datalog, switch maps, and monitor vital engine parameters via your smartphone.

Please watch our YouTube video about how the remote tune process works. Consult the drop down menus for critical information about this service. Once purchased, reach out to us via text message on our scheduling line at (713) 489-0279 to get your remote tune scheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: Remote tunes are booking approximately 2 weeks out at this time. While we would like to be able to book them sooner, we need to allow enough time to complete each remote tune to the best of our ability. Thank you for understanding. ALL REMOTE TUNES MUST BE SCHEDULED. ALL REMOTE TUNE SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.

If you're wondering how remote tuning works, watch our video.