2013 Nissan GTR Premium

1200whp/900wtq on E85


-AMS Alpha12 turbo kit with Xona Rotor 58mm turbos
-AMS downpipes & Linney GTC 4" catback
-Kinetik Motorsport built engine with SB billet crankshaft (4.1L), -Manley Turbo Tuff connecting rods, Diamond pistons and Kelford cams. Fire ringed and ported cylinder heads with T1R head studs
-T1 billet flywheel
-Kinetik Motorsports intercooler
-Boost Logic catch tank
-Kinetik Motorsport fuel return system
-Visconti Tuning FlexFuel Kit
-Visconti Tuning Speed Density Kit
-Visconti Tuning Fuel Pressure Monitoring Kit
-Visconti Tuning Triple 525LPH fuel hanger with hardwire kit
-ID2600XDS fuel injectors
-ShepTrans Stage 3 (one-K) transmission with PPG gearset
-DSS Pro rear axles
-Boost Logic billet front differential
-AMS drag coilovers
-ECUTEK tuning software

3.91 Seconds 60-130mph
3.68 Seconds 100-150mph

2012 Nissan 370Z NISMO

839whp/670wtq on E85


-Boosted Performance single turbo kit with PTE7675 turbocharger
-Kinetik Motorsport built engine featuring Carillo connecting rods & SOHO Motorsports 11:1 compression pistons
-SOHO Motorsports intercooler
-ID1300X injectors
-CJM S1.E fuel return system
-CJM Twin Pump assembly with twin Hellcat 525LPH fuel pumps
-ZSPEED Stage4 clutch and flywheel package with CMAK
-4bar MAP sensor and 3 port boost solenoid
-Tomei catback exhaust
-ECUTEK tuning software

2011 Infiniti G37S

630whp/480wtq on E85


-SOHO V1 supercharger kit with Vortech V3Ti supercharger unit, 9psi pulley and anti-slip pulley
-ID1300X fuel injectors
-CJM S1.E fuel return system
-Autosport Engineering twin pump hanger with dual Hellcat 525LPH fuel pumps
-IPT transmission, torque converter, and Fast Intentions -Billet Flexplate
-SpecialtyZ FlexFuel kit
-4bar MAP sensor
-PPE longtube headers & GReddy catback
-BC coilovers with Swift spring upgrade
-Stock engine internals
-ECUTEK tuning software