AdminTuning E85 Conversion Kit + Tuning Package


Unlock your car's full potential with one of our AdminTuning performance bundles. This package includes the AdminTuning E85 conversion kit and custom remote tune to tie all of your modifications together, and fully tune your car on both 91/93 octane fuel and E85, while saving you money.  For 2003-2008 vehicles, an UpRev custom tuning package is included (UpRev cable, software license, and custom tune with 4 maps), and for 2009+ vehicles, an ECUTEK custom tuning package is included (ECUTEK dongle, software license, PhoneFlash, and custom tune with 4 maps).


Map 1: 91/93 octane performance tune
Map 2: 91/93 octane flames + burbles (for cars with catalytic converters, only burbles will be provided).
Map 3: E85 performance tune
Map 4: E85 + flames & burbles