AdminTuning E85 & M5 Conversion Kit - Nissan 350Z, 370Z - Infiniti G35, G37, 3.7L Q50


Complete kit to get your 350Z, 370Z, G35 or G37 running on VP M5 race fuel. A must for competition use and to get your naturally aspirated combination to full potential.

VP M5 fuel is an extremely potent methanol based fuel that we have been using on naturally aspirated VQ engines for the past couple of years when the customer needs that extra edge. It has been proven to pickup 18-25whp on TOP of already very capable E85 and 35-40whp on top of 93 octane fuel. We have been able to push 370Zs with the correct supporting modifications, tuning, and M5 to over 380whp.

  • Kit includes:
    - Injector Dynamics ID1050X 1050cc/min fuel injectors
    - Walbro "Hellcat" 525LPH fuel pump
    - DeatschWerks hardware relay kit
    - CJ-Motorsports fuel pump install kit

Warnings: M5 and all other methanol based fuels need to be handled with care. They will dilute engine oil quickly and will decrease fuel pump life with heavy use. ECU tuning is 100% required with this combination and is NOT included in the price. It is not recommended for daily use.

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

Look at our video showcasing us breaking the all motor 370z/G37 HP Record with a completely stock engine