AdminTuning PnP Fuel Pressure Monitoring Kit for VQ37 with ECUTEK


AdminTuning is proud to announce the release of our own plug & play fuel pressure monitoring kit for the VQ37. This part is compatible with all VQ37 equipped vehicles including the 370Z, 2009+ G37, and VQ37 powered Q50 and Q60 models. 

This is a critical upgrade to have when tuning and datalogging a high horsepower vehicle to make sure your fuel system is running at its full potential. Fuel system issues are often killers of these engines due to sudden lean conditions that aren’t caught in time by the driver, or fluctuations in fuel pressure that can’t be seen all the time such as if the car is being raced while low on fuel. 

This part connects into the bank 2 MAF sensor connector on your car, and the sensor screws into the gauge port onto your fuel pressure regulator. A fuel return system and ECUTEK tune are 100% required for this to work, as the fuel pressure input has to be configured by a tuner to be seen on the ECUTEK interface.