Autosport Engineering Twin Pump for Infiniti G35 & G37 and Nissan 350Z


Introducing the ASE twin pump conversion kit for your forced induction Infiniti G35, G37, or 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z. This kit is for anybody that wants to add a second pump to their existing fuel return system when making over 650whp on E85. 

The factory fuel pump assembly with a single 525LPH fuel pump can only support about 650whp on E85 in ideal conditions, so this kit will allow you to drop in two pumps and support up to 900whp+ on E85 with proper supporting modifications.

This has been used on many G37s with great results including the quickest supercharged G37 on Dragy with a 6.90 60-130.

The base kit includes the ASE twin pump hanger assembly as well as the CJM bulkhead connector which prevents overheating of the wiring due to the current draw. Fuel pumps and hardwire kits can be added in the drop-down menus.

The photos shown are for illustration purposes only and this product ships disassembled. Professional assembly and installation is required for proper operation and some modifications to the hanger and assembly are required to fit. Custom fittings & line are required in order to mate to the customer's individual fuel system.

Please allow up to 4 business days for this order to ship.