Minized 370Z Cog Drive Supercharger Conversion Kit + Upgraded Tensioner


AdminTuning is proud to announce the introduction of the Minized Cog Drive system for Stillen and SOHO Motorsports supercharged Nissan/Infiniti products.

This rear drive setup is fully customizable for nearly any desired boost level and uses a CNC billet top mounted tensioner for maximum grip and precise belt alignment. This means you get the most consistent boost from your supercharger system with no slip, ever.

You can check out the YouTube video we made about this product on a 700whp Vortech supercharged 370Z tuned by us. 

After ordering, please contact us for desired boost level and a full description of your car's supercharger setup. This information is necessary for this built to order package.

Professional installation and proper spacing of pulleys and tensioner systems are required.
Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for this order to ship.