Nissan Skyline/GTR Tuning (R32, R33, R34)


We are happy to bring our remote tuning service to the older generation of high performance Nissan products. We have been tuning the Skyline platform for over 5 years on both ECUMaster EMU and Haltech Platinum Pro, Haltech Elite, and Link G4X. Other standalone ECUs may be supported, please contact us directly before purchasing as this service is fully customized to the client's needs. You can send an email to or a message on Instagram @admintuning for specific details.

Supported features: the sky's the limit when using a standalone ECU, and we can incorporate several custom strategies into your tune to support your build, such as boost by gear, FlexFuel, failsafes for multiple inputs, adjustable boost via rotary switch, AWD torque split, launch control, anti-lag, flat foot shifting, and more. 

AdminTuned 700HP R33 Skyline