Total Racing Products Flex Fuel Kit For Ecutek – R35 GTR


The Total Racing Products Flex Fuel Kit is the highest quality and easiest installing flex fuel kit on the market for a R35 GTR. Our kit’s fuel lines are assembled with PTFE hoses and EFI quick connect fittings that are assembled on the hoses with a hydraulically crimped collar. During the research and development phase of this product, we tested these hoses to hold over the maximum pressure our test manifolds can produce and read, 1,000psi.

The flex fuel sensor is mounted on the engine bay firewall, off to the left of the engine, utilizing an included billet aluminum bracket that is anodized in black. The kit’s fuel lines interface with the OEM fuel rails with an included billet aluminum adapter that is also anodized in black. Stainless steel hardware is included with this kit for your ethanol sensor’s bracket and fuel rail adapter.

Our ethanol conversion analyzer takes up just a small amount of real estate in your GTR’s battery box. Just plug the TRP harness’s DT-6 connector into the ECA conversion box, the next connector into the secondary air pump connector to the side of your battery, and the last connector into your flex fuel sensor.

Our conversion box outputs a signal from 0.5V (0% Ethanol) to 4.5V (100% Ethanol).


Not all wiring is created equally. This kit uses TXL wire featuring XLPE insulation that is heat, flame, gasoline, grease, and acid resistant and is used in extreme temperature applications of -40°F to 257°F!


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