Total Racing Products Speed Density Kit – R35 GTR


Tuning your R35 GTR using Speed Density allows your vehicle to have a much more accurate tuning solution based on MAP data instead of MAF data. Aside from the accuracy and reliability of tuning on Speed Density, you can also add vent-to-atmosphere (VTA) blow off valves without causing a fuel mixture issue. Lastly, a Speed Density based tune is better mannered for the street and removes the obstacle of dealing with maxing out the stock MAF sensors. TRP’s SD Harness is a simple plug and play solution that substitutes the intake air temperature reading from the intake pipe to the upper intercooler pipe and provides accurate temperature readings.

Simply plug our conversion harness into the OEM connectors on your passenger side engine harness, remove and replace your factory sensor on your intercooler pipe with the new sensor provided, and you are ready to be Speed Density tuned!


Not all wiring is created equally. This kit uses TXL wire featuring XLPE insulation that is heat, flame, gasoline, grease, and acid resistant and is used in extreme temperature applications of -40°F to 257°F!


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